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Bees are one of the most helpful insects for the environment and humans. They provide us with honey and are great pollinators for different plants.

In fact, bees contribute a lot to the world’s food production by pollinating. And they are very hard workers when it comes to their duties.

But that said, you don’t want bees swarming around you all the time. It’s scary & irritating, especially when you are out camping.

There may be quite a few reasons for a bee swarm to hunt down your camping setup and destroy your fun.

If bees surround you while camping, you need to get rid of them urgently, or they can be stingy!

The best way to get rid of bees while camping is to light a fire using moist wood pieces and leaves. This will emit a lot of smoke, and eventually, the swarm will move away from that area.

It’s just one of the quick solutions. It’s best to prepare beforehand for any similar situation while camping, saving you a lot of trouble and time.

I will discuss some pretty good methods to keep the bees away that I have tried out personally and had success with. If you aren’t comfortable lighting a fire or can’t do it for any reason, these other solutions can help you.

So, no point in wasting your time anymore. First, let’s look at the reasons why a bee swarm will infiltrate your camp.

Why Bees Swarm A Campsite?

There could be several reasons for bees to get attracted to your campsite. Bees are always on the lookout for flower fields or gardens, and anything with the whiff of these can attract them.

Bees are mainly hunting for pollen & nectar from flowers. It could be a disaster for you if they find anything related to this in or around your campsite.

Once sure that you have what they are looking for, they won’t leave that particular area.

You might get confused, wondering what you did wrong to allure bees. It’s not that they like to disturb and sting you on purpose.

So, here is a list of things that could tempt the bees to circle around your campsite:

Working Tips To Keep Bees Away From Your Campsite

With all the above said, there are numerous ways to get rid of bees if they disturb you while camping. You can try the others if you aren’t comfortable with any one way.

So, here is a list of methods you can use to drive away the bees from your camping area.

1. Find A Bee-Free Camping Site

Precaution is better than cure. You’ve heard this phrase innumerable times, and it’s always an effective solution.

Try picking a campsite where these buzzy insects won’t disturb you. There are a few things you should look out for this.

Avoid any camping area within a couple of miles of any flower field or a big garden. Those are the favorite hang-out points for the bees.

Populated camping locations also attract bees due to the waste pile people leave behind. Try avoiding those places and find a cleaner area to camp.

Don’t go camping too close to a water body like ponds, rivers etc., as bees and other insects frequently visit such places to quench their thirst. Wild animals also prefer these places. So you should stay away from a water body.

Lastly, scan your camping area carefully to locate any beehives. If you find a beehive near your camping site, it’s best to move far away as the bees can easily smell your food and other things they like.

2. Don’t Bring Excessively Scented Stuff

Too much fragrance can entice the bees just as they do humans.

Items like deodorants, lotions, scented soaps & shampoo, and perfumes can be inviting. Things resembling flowers’ smell are a clear invitation to the bees to swarm your camp.

So, it’s best to avoid such things while packing for your camp. You can always replace them with low-smell or unscented products which serve the same purpose.

Sweet & sugary food items also attract the bees. Even the candies! So, take proper care while at the campsite and cover the edibles properly.

3. Be Careful With What You Wear

No one wants to be schooled on what clothes they should wear. But bees will chase you down if you’re not careful with your attire while camping.

So try to wear light-colored clothes without any floral or designer prints. Be mindful about the table clothes and cutleries you will use too. Make sure they don’t have too many bright colors or floral prints.

Bees are sensitive to colors much more than us. Wearing clothes with flashy or dark colors, and too many designer prints will easily attract them.

High contrast black or dark colors represent enemy presence to the bees, and they can attack you with the stings.

Don’t wear loose clothes too, as the bees can get inside them and sting you repeatedly in panic. Clothes that are a little tight near the openings will stop the bees from getting inside.

Well-fitted sports shoes are also a must. They protect you from the bees and other insects & organisms that are hidden on the surface.

4. Proper Food & Waste Management

Camping is an exciting thing, no doubt. But bees, wasps, or other insects can make this experience hellish if you are not careful.

To make things simpler and be a good human, ensure proper management of your food and the waste you produce:

Do whatever you can to keep the area clean and finish your cooking as early as possible.

If you forget to bring a dustbin, you can collect all the waste in a disposable bag and keep it inside your car.

5. Use Sugar Water To Lure The Bees

If prevention has not worked out for you till now, then looking for a cure is your next option. Using sugary, sweet water is one of them.

As I mentioned above, bees are attracted to the sweet smell. We can use this knowledge to lure bees away from the campsite.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Pour water into a bowl and drop some fruit peels or bits of any sweet edibles you have in it.
  2. Add a lot of sugar to the mixture and stir for 2-3 minutes to mix everything.
  3. Keep this bowl 10-20 meters away from your campsite or near a beehive if you spot one.
  4. You can also fill the mixture into a disposable bottle. Fill it to full capacity so that bees don’t drown in it.
  5. Sprinkle some sugar water on the outer body of the bottle and hang it on a tree a little far away from your camp.
  6. This will attract the bees and keep your campsite free of them.

If possible, create a setup where bees don’t drown and die.

No matter how annoying they are to you, bees are very beneficial for the environment and our survival, and it’s not good to kill them.

6. Campfire Is Your Friend

A campfire is a great way to get rid of bees. Use some amount of moist wood in your fire too. This will produce a lot of smoke to keep them away.

Smoke is a natural enemy for the bees as it disables their primary form of communication with other bees: smoke. Due to this, bees flee the area with too much smoke.

Try starting your campfire as soon as you reach your camping destination if you notice a couple of bees or wasps lingering around.

If you are low on wood, gather some from the nearby area and look for moist pieces. They produce a lot of smoke and burn for more time.

You can also use a bunch of incense sticks when low on wood. Just make sure that you produce enough smoke to engulf your camping area.

7. Using Natural Bee Repellents

Preparing a natural bee repellent isn’t as sophisticated as it sounds. You can use simple ingredients to prepare a repellent that can be highly effective in keeping the bees away.

Here are some of the bee repellents you can mix up easily:

Vinegar: Vinegar is a natural bee repellent and an effective option to rid away bees. It masks away the smell of sweet edibles and scented products to keep the bees away. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and spray the solution on your camping table, chairs and all around the camping area.

Essential Oils: Some types of essential oils like eucalyptus, citronella, and spearmint tend to repel bees away from you. If you camp a lot, it’s good to keep these oils handy. Pour out small drops of any of these oils and rub them on your shoulders, wrists, and hands to keep the bees away. You can also mix them with some water and spray around your camping area.

Vanilla Extract: We use vanilla frequently in baked goods to enhance the flavors. However, pure vanilla extract has a very intense taste & smell, which bees hate. So, mix up a few drops of vanilla extract with water and use it on your skin to drive away bees.

Citrus Fruits: If none of the above options is available, you can use the simple trick of using citrus fruits like lemon, orange etc. Bees, or many other insects hate the smell of citrus fruits. Peel a few pieces of any citrus fruit, keep them on the table and near the cooking area to get rid of bees.

Apart from all the above options, you can also opt for a commercial bee repellent which you can find in a local store.

8. Use An Insect Screen

This can be another option to get rid of bees or any type of insect from your campsite. 

Installing an insect screen around the campsite will prevent the intrusion of bees and insects. If you have this installed, you don’t have to worry about the camping location or other precautions.

The only drawback with an insect screen is that it will take up a lot of space in your camping bag as it’s bulky. Other than that, it’s the perfect product to get rid of bees.

Final Words

Worried about bees while going out camping? Not anymore. You are now equipped with a ton of information about how to get rid of bees while camping and things you need to do to not attract them.

As I mentioned earlier, starting a smoky fire is still the best way to get rid of bees while camping, as it’s the quickest way to drive them off.

However, if you can’t do that, you have other available options too. Suit yourself with the one you find most comfortable and easy.

The only thing to remember here is that bees are not your enemy. Their purpose is not to disturb you. They will linger around if they get attracted to certain food or colors. It’s in their instinct.

So, if possible, try not to kill them and use any of the above methods to drive them away.

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