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Air mattresses are a splendid invention for humankind. Doesn’t it feel good to have a bed you can take anywhere and inflate when you need to lie down?

Above all, it’s a great boon for campers who strive for a good night’s sleep after an adventurous & tiresome day. But can you use an air mattress inside a camping tent? Yes, why not.

What if it doesn’t fit? How can you fit an air mattress inside a tent when you are camping?

Whether an air mattress will fit inside your tent or not depends on the size of your tent and air mattress. You can’t expect a king-size mattress to fit inside a 1 or 2-person tent.

The best way to fit an air mattress inside a tent is to keep it deflated and only inflate it inside the camping tent. This way, you won’t have to face the hassle of taking it through the tent’s door.

Before that, you need to understand the measurements of your tent and the mattress. Then you can calculate easily whether your mattress will fit easily or not in your tent.

What Size Air Mattress Do I Need For Camping?

Air mattresses come in different sizes and so do camping tents. For every tent size, a correspondingly sized air mattress exists.

To understand this in simple terms, you’ll need to know about different mattress sizes. Have a look at the following table, and you’ll get a good idea.

Mattress TypeDimensions
Twin XL38″x80″
California King72”x84”
Standard Size Chart For Mattresses

*measurement in inches

As you can see from the table, there are different mattress types according to their dimensions.

Now, let’s talk about the size of a camping tent. Camping tents don’t have any standard size chart. They are classified according to the number of people that can fit inside the tent.

However, I compared different camping tents and made an approximate size chart for different tent types.

I have listed them in the following table. These dimensions can be a bit up or down for your tent, but they will give you a rough estimate.

Tent TypeDimensions
2 Person90”x50”
3 Person96”x84”/92”x80”
4 Person105”x85”
6 Person120”x120”/120”x109”
Size Chart For Camping Tents

*measurement in inches

After reading through both tables, it’ll be easy for you to estimate whether your air mattress will fit inside your tent.

You can also refer to the instruction manual for the tent you have. From there, you can check your tent’s dimensions and decide which air mattress will be best for you. If you are still unsure, let me explain briefly.

But first, keep in mind that a specific tent won’t fit the exact number of persons it’s named after. For example, 6 people can’t fit completely in a 6-person tent.

This is because you also need to consider the space you’ll need to keep your gear, mattress, cooking materials and other things. If 6 people get inside a 6-person tent, there won’t be any space left to keep your other accessories.

Ideally, 4 people will easily fit into a 6-person tent with all the other gear & accessories.

2-Person Tent

A 2-person tent can easily fit either a Twin or Twin XL mattress inside it. After keeping the mattress, you’ll also save some space for placing your camping gear and other things.

It’s best for solo camping where you don’t have too much luggage. If there are 2 people, you’ll need a bigger tent and an extra mattress as this option won’t have enough space for 2 people.

3-Person Tent

A Full mattress would be the perfect choice for a 3-person camping tent. It will fit in easily, leaving ample space for all your other accessories.

Two people can easily sleep with this setup without facing any issues. It’s the best choice if you are a couple and don’t want to carry a large tent with you.

A Queen size mattress can also fit inside this type of tent. But then it would occupy the whole tent. You’ll have a tough time moving around or keeping your stuff.

4-Person Tent

A Queen mattress is the top choice for a spacious 4-person tent. There will be a lot of extra space available if you only put a Queen air mattress in this tent. You can use this space to store your stuff or to put up an extra sleeping pad.

Again, a King size mattress can also fit inside this tent. But as you can see from the above charts, it won’t leave any extra space for your use.

6-Person Tent

A 6-person tent has a lot of space and feels like a big room in itself. You can either use a King or California King size mattress in this tent type.

You can even fit two Queen size mattresses beside each other and accommodate 4 people easily in this.

Such big tents also have specialized built-in compartments on the wall to keep your accessories, clothes, and camping gear.

Fitting An Air Mattress Inside A Tent

Now that you understand how different-sized mattresses can fit in different tents, let’s see how to fit an air mattress inside a tent.

Generally, camping tents don’t have a wide door unless it’s a huge tent. Because of this, it becomes almost impossible to carry an inflated air mattress inside the tent.

If you are using a Full or Queen size air mattress inside a 3-person tent, it will take up almost all the space of your tent.

So, the most convenient way to fit an air mattress is to inflate it once inside the tent. Since it would be tough to position the mattress after inflating, better do it beforehand.

To do this:

  1. Carry your air mattress inside the tent.
  2. Unfold and position it in the direction you want
  3. Stretch all four corners across the tent floor.
  4. Once you have positioned your air mattress carefully, it’s time to inflate it.

How To Inflate An Air Mattress?

You can inflate an air mattress using an air pump. There are a variety of pumps available for campers you can buy, ranging from electric to manual ones.

How difficult it is to inflate an air mattress depends on the inflation method you use.

If you have opted for a premium air mattress, chances are it comes with an in-built pump you can use to inflate.

When using an electric or battery-powered pump, inflating the mattress will be child’s play. Just connect the pump to the mattress’s inlet valve and turn it on.

With a manual pump, you’ll need to put in some extra effort to inflate the mattress. Manual pumping also takes a little extra time.

However, a manual pump is easy to carry and allows you to control the air pressure.

You can use whichever way you like, but always carry a pump while camping if you have an air mattress.

Inflate the mattress until it’s completely full. This ensures the highest level of comfort you can get from your mattress.

After inflating, you can lay your favorite bedsheet or cover over the mattress. You can even use your sleeping bag as a bedsheet if needed.


As we saw, it’s quite easy to fit an air mattress inside a tent. Knowing the size & dimensions of your air mattress and tent gives you a good insight into whether an air mattress will fit inside a particular tent.

There are plenty of tents available in the market, and for each type, you can find a suitable air mattress.

To fit an air mattress inside a tent, you’ll need to keep it deflated and take it inside the tent. After that, you can unfold the mattress, position it correctly, and inflate it with a pump of your choice.

An air mattress provides a high level of comfort to campers. After a tedious day of adventure, it’s the perfect choice to lay down your body and relax.

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