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Camping chairs are your best buddies on a camping trip. They help you relax and enjoy the beauty of the surrounding environment. The camping chairs also come in handy while cooking or enjoying a bone fire at your campsite.

However, properly storing your camping chairs is necessary if you’ve returned from a recent trip or want to take a long break from your camping expeditions. If you need guidance on storing your camping chairs, you’re at the right place.

There are several ways to store camping chairs. But the best way is to store your camping chairs in enclosed areas where they’ll be safe from rodents, mold, mildew and dust. It can be in a closet, large bins, storage drums or by keeping them inside a protective cover.

There are numerous spots to keep the camping chair inside your house. This article will guide you on where and how to store camping chairs.

Let’s understand.

Where to Store Camping Chairs in Your House?

You’ve got plenty of options for storing camping chairs in and around your house. Even in a small house, there are several ways to store the chairs efficiently. What matters is not the space available inside your house but how you store the chairs.

Here are a few places to store your camping chairs when not in use:


A garage is a great option for storing camping chairs when you have limited space inside your home. You can stack the chairs in a corner or keep them on shelves. This won’t clutter the garage and leave ample space to move around.


If your house has an attic space, you can store your camping chairs there. You can place the chairs on a shelf or create a loft space on the ceiling. This is a great option if you need long-term storage space. It’ll also save space in your living area.


Most homes have a basement used either as a DIY workplace or a store room. You can use this area to store your camping chairs. Be careful of rodents or pests, though. They can damage your lovely chairs.

Crawl Space

A crawl space is a narrow passage between the ground and the first floor of your house. This space is not inhabitable and is rarely used. If you want to keep camping chairs out of sight, this is the perfect place. Pack your chairs in a protective cover and slide it inside the crawl space.

Laundry Room

Don’t use your laundry room too often? Have a lot of space inside it? Then what are you waiting for? Fold and keep your camping chairs inside your laundry room to save space in your living area. You can stack them beside the washing machine too.


Even the most used areas in your home can store camping chairs. This includes your kitchen and bedroom. You can stack the chairs beside the refrigerator or above the storage shelf in the kitchen.

When it comes to the bedroom, you can store these chairs under the bed or hide them behind a piece of furniture.

Under a Shed

Assuming there’s not much space left inside your home, you can also store your camping chair under a shed. You can also build a simple shed in your backyard if you don’t have one.

Ways to Store Camping Chairs

There’s nothing fancy about storing your camping chairs. You only need to get a little creative in your storage techniques.

As I said, any place is a good place to store camping chairs as long as you have an innovative mind. But if you don’t want to stress about it, let me sort it out for you.

The storage method you want to use will also depend on the number of chairs you have and how frequently you use them. So, I’ll list several unique methods below, and you can select one accordingly.

Let’s check out some efficient ways to store your camping chairs.

1. Using Large Storage Bins

Large plastic storage bins are a great option for storing camping chairs. They protect from rodents and pests. Fold the chairs, keep them in a protective cover and stash them inside the storage bin. You can then store these bins in your attic, garage or basement.

You can find these storage bins in your local departmental or utility stores. You can even purchase them online.

2. Using Storage Drums

You can find storage drums/barrels in your local hardware or industrial supply shops. They are made of hard plastic or metal and are ultra-durable.

The best thing about these drums is that they take up much less space than storage bins. You can fit several folding camping chairs inside one drum and keep it in a corner in your garage or basement.

3. Storing Under a Workbench

If you have a workbench or table in your garage or basement, you can use the empty space beneath to store your camping chairs. However, this only holds true for portable camping chairs, as they are foldable.

Fold the chairs and keep them in a protective cover (most camping chairs come with one). Tie them together with a rope or bungee cord. Lay a tarp or plastic sheet under the bench and stash the chair bundle.

You can make more than one bundle if there are too many chairs to store.

4. Store in a Locker or Cabinet

A locker or a large cabinet in your garage is a good place to keep your camping chairs safe & secure. Pack the chairs and stack them in a bundle. You can then place the bundles inside the cabinet or in the locker. This lessens the space they take and also makes your garage less crowded.

5. Make a Loft Space

You can utilize the ceiling space if you don’t have enough room on the ground. The best way to do this is by hanging a metal or plastic rack from your ceiling where you can put all your camping chairs. Ensure they’re packed properly before storing them on the rack.

6. Hanging on a Wall

You can find metal hooks in any hardware store near you. Buy these hooks and fix them on the wall using screws. You can then hang the chairs on the hooks.

You can also make wooden hooks yourself and then fix them on the wall to hang your camping chairs.

You can hang the chairs in the garage, basement, or attic. If they’re small, you can even hang them in your living area. This method saves space on the ground, which can be used for other purposes.

7. Stack in a Corner

If your camping chairs are not foldable, you won’t be able to place them in a small area. Instead, you can stack the chairs on top of each other and then place them in a corner.

Stacking them in your basement or attic is best, as these places have a lot of ground space and are less crowded.

Short-Term Camping Chair Storage Ideas

It may be that you’re taking a long break from camping or don’t camp frequently. In this case, the above storage options are great as they can help you store the chairs long-term.

However, if you’re a camping enthusiast like me, you’ll need the camping chairs handy. For this, you need easily accessible storage options. It’ll save you a lot of trouble.

Here are some storage options you can easily access and use for temporarily storing camping chairs.

1. Under the Bed

As I said, you can store your camping chairs even in your bedroom without anyone noticing. And there’s no better option than storing it under your bed.

The majority of beds have ample space under them. Use this space to store your camping chair. Fold and pack the chairs and tie them in a bundle using a rope. Now you can slide them under the bed and take them out only when necessary.

2. Behind a Piece of Furniture

Several types of furniture are present inside a home, from small to huge ones. If you have only a few camping chairs to store, you can place them behind a large piece of furniture like a dresser or a bookshelf.

Shift the dresser or the bookshelf a few inches away from the wall to make space and hide the chairs.

3. In the Closet

All bedrooms have a closet used to store clothes and other items. However, the corner space in these closets is always empty. You can use this space to your advantage to store your camping chairs.

This keeps them accessible at all times while hiding them from everyone.

4. In the Car

This option only works if you always have ample empty space in your car or you camp too often. In any case, keeping your camping chair inside the car seems like a great idea. It’s always with you, and you can use the chairs in almost any situation.

5. Other Places

Besides the above options, there are a few other places too which you can use to store a camping chair:

Tips for Storing Camping Chairs

I hope that you now have the answer to how to store camping chairs in your house. But before storing your chairs at any of your desired places, it’s best to be cautious and follow some simple guidelines.

Clean and Dry the Chairs Before Storing

Clean the chairs beforehand. Camping chairs accumulate dirt, dust and other impurities while in use. This is especially true if you use your camping chairs on a beach or in muddy areas. So it’s best to clean them before storing.

This helps avoid any further damage to the surface of your chair. It also prevents mold & mildew from infesting.

Use a simple soap-water solution to wipe off the dirt from all the handles and fabric of the chair. You can also combine equal parts of white vinegar and water to make a cleaning solution to remove any tough stains.

After thoroughly cleaning the chairs, use a cotton or microfiber cloth to pat dry them. Place the chairs in direct sunlight for a few hours to dry the fabric of the chair.

Moisture can lead to mold infestation. Keeping the chairs dry prevents moisture from building up when you store them.

Pack the Chairs Safely

Packing your camping chairs efficiently is of utmost importance before you store them. It helps increase the durability of your chair if done right.

Ensure Proper Storage Conditions

Inspecting your storage area thoroughly before placing the chairs is another crucial task. It’ll save you any future headaches.

Let me explain:


Storing camping chairs is not a tough job if you think creatively. Even in a small house, there are several locations to store the chairs. What matters is how you store them.

The best place to store camping chairs includes your garage, basement, attic, crawl space or even your bedroom. It depends mainly on the size and style of the chairs. However, even big chairs occupy less space when folded, and most camping chairs have this feature.

The method you use to store the chairs also matters. A few ways that come to mind are:

Whichever way you choose, it’s also important to remember to clean your chairs before storing them. You also need to pack them properly and ensure they don’t get damaged after storing them.

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