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Camping chairs are a good way to make your camping experience a little more comfortable. These chairs come in handy whether you want to watch a sunset or sit around a bonfire.

But when camping at a beach or spending quality time with your loved ones near the ocean, would you bring your camping chair? You may wonder whether using your camping chair on the beach is possible.

Here comes the good part:

Yes, you can use your camping chair at the beach. Quality camping chairs are comfortable, strong, foldable and easy to carry around. Many premium models also come with a canopy, cup holders and reclining features which are great for a beach trip. If the legs have a low surface area, place a thick cloth or cardboard beneath to prevent them from sinking into the sand.

There are two different scenarios where you want to know whether using a camping chair on a beach is possible or not:

  1. You want to buy a new portable chair for both camping and beach trips.
  2. You want to use your current camping chair on the beach.

Whichever your case, there are a few things you should know. Let’s start by understanding why using camping chairs on a beach is a good choice and the problems you can face. We’ll then share some tips you can use while doing so.

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Why Use a Camping Chair on the Beach?

A camping chair is so versatile that there’s no barrier to its use. You can use the chair almost everywhere. You get the comfort of a normal chair and add-ons like coolers and glass holders.

The same is true when bringing your camping chair to a beach. You can relax on it under a canopy and kiss goodbye to all your worries for the day.

But there’s more.

Here are some benefits you can get with a camping chair on your beach trip.


A camping chair is designed in a way that you can sit on it all day with comfort. High-end camping chairs like KHORE Camping Chair also feature a handrest, reclining feature and a headrest to increase comfort.

With advanced fabric technologies, camping chair fabrics can easily hold heavy weights and provide a luxurious feel. You can lie down on your chair and experience the cool ocean breeze flowing on your body.

If you’re afraid of the sun, you can buy an affordable canopy or umbrella to protect yourself. However, camping chairs with a built-in canopy are also available in the market.

Portability & Weight

Camping chairs are portable.

Camping chairs are known for their easy portability. They’re lightweight, take little storage space, and can be easily set up. You can carry them on your back or attach them to your backpack, as they don’t add much weight.

This is a great feature for a beach trip. You can focus on carrying other necessary stuff rather than spending all your energy on a heavy beach chair. This is especially true if you’re with your family.

Most camping chairs are also foldable and can easily be folded & packed in a carry bag. This makes it setting them up easier on a beach.

The Sport-Brella Recliner Chair, an excellent option for beachgoers, can be packed inside a simple carry bag. It takes a lot less space compared to its size and weighs only 13 lbs. You also get a UPF 50+ adjustable umbrella attached to it.

Fully Waterproof

Camping is not an easy task, and there are times when you have to face severe climates. Because of this, almost all camping chairs are made waterproof.

This ability of camping chairs is a bonus when using them on the beach. Want to sit on your chair after exploring the ocean? Sure you can. You can also place the chair close to the ocean waves without worrying about any damage.

Problems In Using Camping Chair on the Beach

Apart from all the benefits, there are also some drawbacks to using a camping chair on the beach. Nothing to worry about a lot. Still, let’s have a look so that you’re careful beforehand and won’t get into any trouble.


Camping chair on beach

Sand is the number one enemy of your camping chair on a beach. They can cause you immense trouble sometimes.

We all know that pressure increases with the reduction in surface area on any surface. The legs of many camping chairs have a very low surface area, i.e., they’re pointy. This causes them to sink inside the sand when you sit on the chair.

Since the weight is not equal on all the legs at all times, some of them will sink deeper than others, resulting in an uneven posture. If your chair’s legs sink too deep inside the sand, it’ll lose balance and trip off. This can lead to a minor injury or even a fracture. Your chair will also suffer severe damage.

Another problem with the sand is the mess it brings. It can get inside the chair’s leg cover, on the seat, inside the glass holders etc. This is not a big problem. Still, it can be uncomfortable for some, especially for people with OCD.


We all have seen various sizes of stones scattered all over the beaches. While placing your camping chair, be careful of those. Placing your chair’s legs on these stones can make it slip when you try sitting on it.

This can result in an accident, and you can hurt yourself badly. So, remember to use a small broom to clear the area of any tiny or large stones before placing your camping chair. You can also use a thick cardboard sheet or a dirty cloth piece if there’s no broom.


It’s not that camping chairs are not durable and will break down while using them on a beach trip. In fact, they have a strong metal structure.

The only problem is that camping chairs are designed to hold limited weight. Most portable camping chairs have a weight capacity of 250-300 lbs. In contrast, beach chairs are more durable and can hold much weight without trouble.

If you’re taking your camping chair on your beach trip, remember to not put any extra weight on it. If you cross the weight limit, the chair fabric can tear down.

Tips for a Smooth Experience on the Beach

When planning a beach trip, your first priority is enjoying your leisure time comfortably. Don’t let your camping chair become a hurdle to your dreams. 

Here are some tips to help you spend a splendid time at the beach while relaxing on your camping chair.

Take Care of the Sand

As I mentioned, sand or stones can be a problem for your camping chair if it has tapered legs. A beach chair has broad & wide legs to prevent it from sinking into the sand. But it’s not the same with camping chairs.

Camping chairs are made for rough terrains. Their legs are designed to take up as little space as possible on the ground. So they can sink inside the sand and cause an accident when you sit on them.

There are a few things you can do to prevent this from happening. Here’s how:

These methods help increase the surface area under your chair’s legs, preventing them from sinking into the sand. It’ll also prevent any slippage on tiny stones present on the beach. Many camping chairs also come with a broad cap under their legs. Still, it’s better to be cautious and follow the above methods.

Get the Right Camping Chair

If you’re thinking of buying a camping chair to use on your camping trips and also on the beach, remember these points:

A camping chair with the above features will provide a highly comfortable experience when used on a beach.

No need to worry if you already have a camping chair. You can still get most of these features. There are a lot of add-on accessories available on the market sold individually.

If you need a camping chair, visit an outdoor-specialized store near you. You can also search for camping-related online shops on Google.

Bring a Portable Table

You now have all the needed information about using camping chairs on a beach. Apart from that, bringing a portable camping table with your camping chair is always a good idea.

The table will help you place other necessary things. For example, you can use it to put your food & drinks without cluttering your chair. You can also use it as a footrest if your camping chair doesn’t have one. Just place a piece of thick paper or cloth before doing so.


Bringing a portable camping chair to a beach is not a problem if you follow some simple guidelines. These chairs are built to last and are comfortable, just like beach chairs. You can also carry them easily in your car or a backpack.

The only thing you need to worry about is the beach sand. However, if you follow some simple steps, your problems will vanish in a jiff. So, don’t stress too much and use your camping chair on the beach by following this simple guide I wrote to help you.

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