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Camping chairs are a great addition to any camper’s arsenal. Sitting in your camping chair and watching the sunset or rising waves of an ocean provides a god-level calmness. However, when the rain starts pouring, you should protect yourself and your camping chair from getting wet.

You may wonder whether your camping chair can get wet or if it’s waterproof. Well, here’s the truth:

Camping chairs are made of waterproof fabric fitted on top of a metal frame. A camping chair will get wet but won’t absorb water and become soaked. They dry out quickly, even if submerged in water. However, it’s best to protect them from getting wet, as the metal frame can rust eventually.

It’s relatively easier to dry out a camping chair if it gets wet due to rain or other conditions. You should also take proper care of your camping chair to increase its life and strength.

Let’s dive right in and understand the waterproofing properties of a camping chair. We’ll also look at some tips & tricks to protect your chair when it gets wet.

Can my Camping Chair Get Wet From the Rain? (or While Cleaning)

It may be worrying if your camping chair gets wet in the rain or while cleaning. And why not? These chairs are a great companion for any camping trip.

However, there’s no need to panic. Like anything else, your camping chair can also get wet from water. A wet camping chair shouldn’t worry you. But there are other things to worry about.

Here’s what:

A modern camping chair has several accessories like a headrest, footrest, umbrella, and storage pockets. You’ll need to ensure that these accessories don’t get damaged. Whether you’re washing your camping chair or it’s getting wet in the rain, remember these points:

Now, we can move on to the main parts of the chair. A camping chair has 2 main components: the metal frame and the fabric part. Let’s look at both of them.

Metal Frame

The metal frame of a camping chair is usually made from steel or aluminum. On top of that, the metal frames are powder-coated using special chemicals that make them anti-rust and anti-scratch.

With such properties, the metal frame won’t get damaged even if you keep the chair submerged in water for hours. So, your camping chair’s metal frame is safe from any water-induced damage.

Now let’s talk about the fabric of your camping chair.

Fabric Part

Almost all modern camping chairs are comprised of polyester fabric supporting the metal frame. A few old camping chair models come with a cotton canvas frame but aren’t so popular nowadays.

Polyester is good for your camping chair in terms of its water-repelling feature. Though polyester is not completely waterproof, it’s still better than other fabrics. Even if it gets wet, you can dry it out pretty easily.

The water resistance of polyester fabric depends on the thread count. The higher the thread count, the more enhanced its water-repelling feature. So, always prefer to buy a camping chair with high-quality polyester fabric.

The most popular polyester fabric for camping chairs is Canvas 600D. This fabric has a PVC backing making it completely waterproof and suitable for harsh climatic conditions.

The best thing is that there’s no struggle finding camping chairs with 600D polyester. Most modern camping chairs have this fabric, and it’s not even too costly. You can find several camping chairs with 600D polyester fabric on Amazon.

If a camping chair has this fabric, it’ll be advertised heavily on their sales page. Furthermore, you can check the online reviews from people who’ve been using it for some time.

Even if your camping chair has normal polyester fabric, it won’t get damaged from getting wet. But make sure to dry it out as soon as possible. Days of exposure to water can lead to the rotting of the chair fabric.

Can You Wash Camping Chairs?

If you use your camping chair on a beach or on muddy patches, chances are that  it’ll get wet and dirty too often.

No one likes to sit on a dirty chair, and you’ll need to wash & clean your camping chair from time to time. But there’s no need to worry about it getting damaged by water.

You can wash your camping chair with as much water as you want without destroying it. However, it’ll help if you’re careful and follow some basic tips.

What are those tips? Let’s have a look.

Drying a Wet Camping Chair

When your camping chair gets wet due to rain or while cleaning, you should dry it afterwards. Along with the chair, it’s also necessary to dry all the accessories if wet.

A wet camping chair won’t go bad even if you leave it like that for a few days. But why risk the durability and strength of your chair?

Camping chair in the sun

You can dry your chair naturally or by using any heating device that won’t damage the chair. Here are some ways to dry your camping chair perfectly:

  1. To dry your camping chair naturally, use the power of sunlight if it’s available. Keep your wet chair in the sun for a few hours, and it’ll dry up. The heat of the sunlight, along with natural winds, is enough to dry a camping chair.
  2. If there’s no sunlight, use cotton towels or paper tissues to pat dry the chair’s fabric and metal frame. Cotton or paper towels can soak up all the water on the surface of your chair.
  3. To completely dry the chair’s fabric, use a hair dryer on a medium heat setting. You can even use the hair dryer on the metal frame but ensure to clean it with a cloth or paper towel afterwards. This’ll prevent water stains from forming.
  4. You can also keep a wet camping chair near your fireplace or in front of a room heater to dry it. Remember to not put it too close, or the fabric can burn, destroying your chair. Keep it in the warming range of the fire or heater.


Camping chairs are used worldwide to get comfortable or sit around a bonfire when camping. But you need to ensure that your camping chair is in good condition when you use it.

Camping chairs can get wet, and it won’t cause any issues. They’re made of synthetic fabrics and powder-coated metal frames, which enhance their lifespan and are waterproof.

So, in a nutshell, you can wash your camping chair with water or leave it in the rain if it pours unannounced.

However, it’s better to not take any risks. Always protect the chair from getting wet; if it does, ensure that you dry it as soon as possible.

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